Beauty Herbs For Your Skin

Beauty Herbs For Your Skin

Every skin condition is inflammatory by nature and therefore requires anti-inflammatory powers to counteract it.

Marigold (also known as Calendula) has long been hailed for its topical anti-inflammatory properties and used to banish bacteria, virus and fungal infection. It also provides a calming touch against itches, burns and ulcers. You can buy it as a cream and add it to your daily moisturiser. It is useful as an oral digestive calmative when intestinal imbalance hits. Your digestive health is often reflected in your skin, so it is important to support. Take as a tea or as a tincture.

Chamomile is the most famous herbal tea. Children favour this for its sweet taste and feature in the Beatrix Potter tales! It is appropriate and safe for youngsters and very calming for the nerves and the skin. Chamomile is also an effective anti-spasmodic for when you have stomach cramps and tummy sensitivity. The herbs that are supportive of good digestion automatically nourish your complexion as a welcome consequence. Chamomile is a great as a facial wash to treat eczema and you can even add teabags to you or your child’s bath tub! You can also find essential oils and creams.

Herbs are appropriate for treatment of acne. When you invest in chemical ridden creams and medication, your liver becomes burdened which can express its frustration further on your face! So it is rather a vicious cycle…

Hormone balancing is often the first step to acne banishment. The best way to go about this is to support the body from a functional perspective, i.e. striving to balance each body system to work in harmony to prevent symptoms such as skin inflammation. This may be done through consulting a well trained and fully qualified nutritionist, who uses both herbs and nutrients in nutritional programmes.

With conditions like acne, it is important to support the anti-inflammatory mechanisms in the body and build up an anti-microbial defence force. Tea tree is famous for its anti-acne properties and plantago is another topical gem. If the skin is mainly affected around the jaw line this is often a sign of a poorly functioning digestive system. If the skin flares up all over the face and becomes flaky and sensitive, this may be indicative of dairy intolerance, especially if you have suffered from eczema or psoriasis as well. Viola tricolor is known to nourish the skin and reduce inflammation in these cases.

Prickly heat is usually experienced after consuming a large amount of high histamine foods such as red wine, cheeses, olives, tomatoes, berries or anything fermented. Its other famous culprit is extended sun exposure. Urtica is helpful for ridding the skin of ugly lumps and bumps in a miraculous few hours. If you have suffered from prickly heat before, start taking Urtica two weeks before you jet off to the sun, to help minimise your risk. Vitamin C is Mother Nature’s histamine, so take regular doses throughout the day to help protect you from allergic reactions, without the side effects of anti-histamine medication. Avoid stimulants like caffeine as this can exacerbate rashes on the skin. Bathing your precious organs in poisonous alcohol is also a no-no is you want to reduce your risk of skin inflammation.

Urtica is a powerful blood cleanser. Rashes can occur when the liver dumps toxins into the bloodstream which try to make a swift exit through your pores. Viola tricolor possesses heroic skin-healing properties and helps to stimulate circulation to the skin, increasing the delivery of nutrients and healthy elimination of toxins. It has an anti-inflammatory action on the skin, which assists in the healing process of rashes.

Echinacea is traditionally used for clearing up skin inflammation, by triggering your inner defences. Aloe Vera is another tonic taken both internally and topically for its natural soothing tendencies.

Both smoothing and soothing, Neem cream can deliver a sigh of relief when it comes to mystery skin eruptions…

For skin purity, go herbal…

Rachel Henderson is a qualified nutritionist and founder and director of Food Fairy Nutrition Ltd. If you’re interested in benefiting from a unique and individually tailored online nutritional therapy service, or you’d simply like more information, please go ahead and click one of the links above!

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