Asthma – Treatments

Asthma – Treatments

Asthma – Treatments

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Asthma – Treatments

By: micheal wiliam
Posted: Dec 31, 2010

Asthma is a disease of the lungs that affects your breathing. It is a disease in which a person’s airways become inflamed, swollen, and narrowed, making it difficult for air to flow into and out of the lungs. The condition marked by chronic inflammation and irritation of the airways.The first consultation with an Ayurveda doctor, including the diagnosis will last for more than an hour. The basic step in the diagnosis will be to find the person’s body humour (Dosha) – Vata, Pita or Kapha, because it is the imbalance of these body humours that creates the disease.But these reasons do not stop people from using herbs mainly because herbs are cheaper, more accessible, and natural. Some people do not want to experience the side effects of anti-asthma medications. It is also very easy to get herbal treatment for asthma. You can buy the herbs from the grocery or market. What are the herbs used in asthma treatment?

A good treatment for asthma attack will not cure the condition forever, but it will enable you to manage and subdue any further attacks effectively. Asthma treatments usually come in oral or vapor form. Some are long term treatments, such as leukotriene inhibitors, while others are designed to be used only during an attack.Bronchial asthma treatment now has new treatment protocols that recommend the prevention of asthma medications, such as inhaling corticosteroids or nebulizers. This medication usually helps an asthmatic person to suppress the inflammation of the lungs as well as reduce the swelling of the linings in the airway passages.There are many different treatment options available for asthma patients. Treatment for asthma is always on a case-to-case basis. As with any kind of prescription, you cannot use another person’s prescription and think that it will work for you the way it did for him just because you have the same symptoms. You need to see a doctor personally and based on his diagnosis, you will be suggested a number of treatment options.

Studies show that using a natural treatment for asthma such as breathing exercises and yoga reduced the need to take asthma medications. Breathing exercises involves teaching the asthma patient the proper way to breathe, using the diaphragm instead of the chest muscles. Yoga also helps with asthma by reducing stress and teaching relaxation techniques.Licorice Root has been proven as one of the natural treatments for asthma. Using Licorice Root enables asthmatics to breathe fairly easier, making their asthma less of a problem. What it does is fight inflammation, which is the main cause of the airways being constricted.Asthma is a disease that no one would want to deal with, and at times can be a very hard and frustrating task. So now that you have found what you are looking for, let’s get to it the good stuff.

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