Asthma Natural Relief

Asthma Natural Relief

Asthma is a disease which is caused due to the sudden break up in breathlessness. When we are unable to breath due to the environment which is around us then this leads to asthma. There is no need to worry as this can be treated if it is cured at its initial stage.

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Asthma is one of the diseases which take the breath away if it is not prevented in its initial stage. Now a days man is leading a life in such a unhealthy environment that many new diseases are given a new way to enter into his body. He is also becoming unhealthy due to the stress of work he has and food which he intake. He is addicted to many bad addictions like consumption of alcohol, smoking, and intake of drugs only to keep his mind relaxed for few seconds. Due to this behavior he has become a cadaver of many diseases.

This is a disease of lungs where the man airways are blocked or narrowed which causes difficulties in breathing. It is a chronic disease which affects many people throughout the world and in all parts of the countries. But this can be controlled and allowed for a man to lead a normal and active life. This asthma may appear and disappear suddenly and you may not find any symptom if it does not attack you. But still yet you need to have preventive medications even on the days when you feel well. Now a day it can be prevent by using herbs and nutrition’s are most effective relief for asthma

The cause for asthma is not known so clearly but some of the reasons for its cause are:

family history

environmental factors

having more hygienic environment

changes in housing and diet

smoking during pregnancy develops asthma to the child

if parents are more addicted to smoking then the child has a high risk of having asthma

environmental pollution

can cause after a viral infection

This asthma has a cure but some excellent medicines and dietary supplements are needed to control it which in turn will not enter into your daily life. It is an urge need that you need to take the prescribed asthma medicine properly according to the advice of the doctor. Asthma does not have imposed any big limits on quality of life. It can be only controlled if you have a proper management plan in curing this disease with discussion of you physician and follow the indications provided by them. This in turn helps you to control your asthma than it in turn it may make a control over you. To have a better life it is your need that you should keep yourself away or avoid the things that trigger your asthma and to know before it gets worse.

Besides the intake of the medications prescribed by your physician it is a need that you do these things like:

avoiding yourself from dust mite allergies and hay fever

performing simple yoga exercises of breathing with the consult of your doctor which helps you to keep away you from asthma attack in future

Avoid sleeping with full stomach and not taking nay heavy snacks when you go to bed.

Keep yourself away from some of the food items which may cause you asthma

Have a habit of eating plenty of fish as it reduces your asthma condition

Cultivate a habit of having rich food like eating fresh vegetables, fruits, intake of vitamins/mineral supplements which may keep you away from asthma

Of course you want to do whatever you can to help care for a family member or friend with asthma. You may not be sure how to help. But with a little guidance, you can help your loved one manage his or her asthma. Identify the signs of asthma and help your loved ones with asthma. See what the asthma herbal medications are taken by your lived ones are whether they are ling term or short term preventatives. Know what to do and what to medications give during the emergency. If you think your loved one are suffering with a severe attack, get medical help immediately. The information which is given in this just a basic one and should not be considered as medical advice. This tries to keep you and your loved one away from asthma and cure this in a proper way.

Dr. Jack is a Conventionally Trained Western Medical Doctor from India and fellow of American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). He is also trained in traditional supplements since the age of 5 years to practice complimentary alternate supplements.

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