Are You Using Saw Palmetto For Hair Loss?

Are You Using Saw Palmetto For Hair Loss?

Saw palmetto for hair loss when used in combination with other treatments can help individuals suffering from male pattern baldness, or MPB.

Saw palmetto is a natural herbal medicinal that can be used for other health-related concerns besides hair loss. Native Americans used the colorful berry to treat a variety of disorders. Now, however, saw palmetto has proven to be an effective therapy primarily for treating baldness.

Saw palmetto is termed as an anti-androgen. This means it’s effective in combating one of the major forces of baldness, DHT. Interestingly, the scientific community is not fully certain why the berry decreases DHT levels, or minimizes the production of the hormone that causes the hair to fall out. Nevertheless, it works.

Minoxidil, the conventional treatment, works in restoring hair in its early stages as its natural partner, saw palmetto. When both are used therapeutically, miracles can occur.

The phytonutrients found in the berry as an herbal remedy are credited for stopping the damaging effects of the DHT hormone. Additionally, as far as herbal supplementation, saw palmetto for hair loss has been subjected to various clinical trials and been deemed effective. According to studies, there are no substantial side effects.

The exception to the side effect rule applies only when the herb is administered on an empty stomach. If the herbal supplement is taken on an empty stomach, the recipient will suffer a mild stomachache or headache.

The reliability of saw palmetto lies in the fact that, unlike other herbal hair loss remedies, the plant has undergone comprehensive testing while other herbs have not. Further, as a treatment MPB it has received better than satisfactory marks.

DHT (also known as dihydrotestosterone) is a hormone that, when overproduced in the system, causes hair loss. The hormone, when in abundant supply, attaches itself to the hair follicle and subsequently blocks the flow of vitamins and minerals in reaching the area where new hair growth generally occurs. The hair that is already present then becomes weak and thins out. This wondrous berry is a counteragent and works at decreasing the overload or over-manufacture of DHT.

The herb is highly popular and well-regarded in a number of therapies. In fact, it ranks number 5 in the United States as an effective herbal medicine. It is also widely relied on as an herbal treatment for various ailments in the European marketplace.

Although the properties of this treatment have been proven advantageous, it is always wise to consult a medical professional before embarking on using the herb as a course of treatment as it may produce side effects when used with other medications. After all, it is an herb that has proven to be effective in treating a number of maladies.

In conclusion, saw palmetto is a reliable herb for treating MPB. If you find this substance in a hair loss product, you can be assured of its effectiveness in attacking the over-production of DHT, and, therefore, be confident in knowing that it is helpful in remedying MPB as well.

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