Alternative Treatment for High Blood Pressure

Alternative Treatment for High Blood Pressure

Acupuncture combined with electric stimulation or electro-acupuncture can lower elevations of blood pressure in human beings. When the research was conducted for the first time, acupuncture needles were inserted on the inside of the forearm just above the wrist, but to no avail. Researchers then started adding electric stimulation to the needles, which means that electric, would start flowing from the needles to the body. While high frequency of stimulation had no effect, low frequencies of electro stimulation reduced blood pressure effectively.

Exercise is a tremendous natural cure for lowering high blood pressure. In addition to the healthy aspect that exercise gives any individual, the stress relieving factor is excellent for keeping the blood pressure low. Although exercise alone may not be enough to achieve your target goal when it comes to your blood pressure, it certainly helps other methods of lowering this number. One such example is the coupling of an exercise routine with a healthy diet in order to allow individuals to best control their high blood pressure.

Another alternative medicine for high blood pressure is consistent physical exercise. Implementing an exercise program wherein you commit yourself to a small amount of physical activity every day will go a long way towards improving your overall health and lowering your blood pressure. As you continue your exercise program, you will find that your stamina increases and you’ll be able to commit to longer and more strenuous physical activity. This alternative medicine for high blood pressure will grant you longevity and enormous amounts of energy.

To get background information on any herbs for high blood pressure you can get online to find the latest research connecting herb intake to treat hypertension.

Garlic is an antispasmodic agent. Hence it reduces the pressure in the arteries caused due to the pumping action of the heart during blood circulation. Garlic creates a rhythm in the pumping of the heart, which eases the pulse. Other high blood pressure problems such as dizziness, shortness of breath and indigestion are also taken care of by garlic. Garlic is widely considered to be the best remedy for high blood pressure.

Siberian ginseng is an adaptogen – it helps the body adapt to physical, chemical, and biologica stress. It also increases blood oxygen without raising it to toxic levels, as some medications tend to do. Take three to 15 grams of ginseng powder or 10 to 50 drops of tincture daily. Note that Chinese ginseng is only half as effective as Siberian, and tends to promote hypertension.

Diet is also greatly important. You will have to eat less foods high is saturated fat, cholesterol and salt. Salt is a number one enemy of a person with hypertension. When cooking your meals try using spices and herbs instead of salt. This will work especially well since several spices like cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger help to reduce blood pressure.

It might be easier to take a pill once a day rather than work on treating your blood pressure naturally. But by using herbs for high blood pressure, exercising and eating right you will get long lasting results.

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