Acne treatment

Acne treatment

Acne is a skin inflammation. Its appearance may be caused by a problem of sebacee gland making as the party affected to be glossy and fat. Generally, parties affected by acne are : face, chest and back. The most frequent cases are found among adolescents who were in the numerous changes.

            Acne in woman appears either during pregnancy or at menopause. The stress may be the main cause regarding the appearance of acne.

            The acne is not due to a lack of hygiene, the repeated washing of the face increases the production of sebum, especially if it is used artificial products, ethanol, colours, nitrates and essences in soaps used. It is recommended washing the face and areas affected by acne with a soap for children, sulphur and iodine soap. Pharmaceutical products are those that contain benzoyl peroxide and Retinol-A. The use of these creams is a period of 4-6 weeks with interruptions between treatments for a week. Benzoyl peroxide has real effects in the treatment of the most common forms of acne.

            The severe acne is a cause due to hormonal disorder and only the doctor will transcribe medications based hormones. Combination of estrogen and progesterone in contraceptive pills have some effects, but studies have shown that antitestosteronul ciptoteron in combination with estrogen seem to be more effective in reducing the level of male hormones. It can be used medicinal tea or drink 1,5-2 liters of liquid (not artificial juices).

Vegetables are important because they contain fibers and minerals necessary for cleaning the colon and its regulation. The red meat and chicken skin are not shown, but sweets and alcohol are contraindicated. It is recommended fods containing zinc, especially integral bread. Calcium and magnesium are required in the treatment of acne because the body release stress, but the most important is vitamin C, 3 per day between meals for a month. Zinc is recommended in acne in the infection of skin cells, 2 tablets daily for a week, then one tablet for one month.

            The best herbs for acne are dandelion and marigold. It drinks 3 cups of tea daily with small bites to large the effect and disintoxicate the body. In order to clean areas affected is indicated camomile tea mixed with mint which revive the skin. The treatment with propolis and royal jelly cure the most rebel cases of acne. Being natural products, are recommended cures for 3 months.

            Another treatment is the preparation of apple vinegar and horseradish. Also, the cream with grape seeds, especially those prepared at home, is very good.

            Antibiotics in the form of ointment applied locally have results as good as oral treatment, but by this method to avoid possible side effects of antibiotic consumption by ingestion or interference with other drugs. Tetracycline is an antibiotic often used in the fight against acne. Oxytetracycline is better absorbed by the skin and give good results doxicilina, minocilina or limecilina taken in daily doses.

            Laser is used to reduce the scars left by acne. It has other effects : burning folicular bag from which hair grows wire and burn sebacee glands. Studies on the capacity of acne with laser treatment continue.



Acne Treatments
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