A Natural Solution For Menopause

A Natural Solution For Menopause

A Natural Solution For Menopause

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Home Page > Health > Women’s Health > A Natural Solution For Menopause

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A Natural Solution For Menopause

By: Raj Kumar
Posted: May 22, 2009


The aim of nutritional and herbal therapy for menopause is to help with the adjustment to the important changes that happen in the body by a natural process.

We present some whole and herbal food supplements that are well known to help women regarding menopause that really work. Below are some of the tried and tested natural methods and products:

Aerobic Exercises, Yoga and Deep Breathing

Exercising and meditation decrease irritability. It also reduces hot flashes. Exercising helps most of the people to have a better sleep It also strengthens the immune system thus resulting in reduction in mood swings.


Wild Yam Complex:

Provides relief from the discomfort arising due to menopause. Helps to emotional balance Calms the nerves and also restores the balance in frequent mood swings.


Wheat Germ Oil

· A super rich source of fat soluble minerals and vitamins, (especially vitamin E).

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Suggested use is 5 perles per day. Wheat germ oil has been used since years and is proven to help women ease the menopause period.

Soy Extracts

Soy extracts (isoflavone), consuming 40-100 mg of isoflavons daily, can reduce the frequency of hot flashes. Consuming soy in food forms like tofu and soya milk is advised.


The Extracts of Black Cohosh

· The black cohosh is derived from a variant of buttercup.

· It may lower the blood pressure it should not be used unless prescribed by a physician.

· It can also decrease hot flashes significantly. Suggested use: About 250 mg per day.


• For sleeping problems, use 3 mg of melatonin half an hour before sleeping, to promote sound sleep.

• Women can also take 1,000 – 2,000 IUs of vitamin D every day, and 1,000 to 1,200 mg calcium each day.


These supplements may ease the passage through menopause and also provide a long term relief but do not start any sort of hormone therapy without trying the natural alternatives available to you. It is a good idea to try using soy isoflavones and black cohosh. Vitamin D, vitamin E and melatonin also help. Using these natural products also with the right routine and exercise can definitely work wonders for women passing through the state of menopause. The trick is to know your body well and it’s response to different products to get the best possible results.


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Raj Kumar – About the Author:

Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/womens-health-articles/a-natural-solution-for-menopause-931567.html


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